How to do.. Photography

3 03 2009

I’m going to start doing a ‘How to’ guide, to what I know about photography. It will be a plain english guide to basic photography, for compact camera to SLR.

It’s going to be on my website, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, I’ve found this good site: http:

Hope everyones good! I’m certainly enjoying the cold wether in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Thousand Words gets Twitter…

13 02 2009

In an attempt to keep people updated, and to get talking to some people who are interested in photography, and having photography done for them, I’ve created a Twitter profile. You can find me here: Twitter Profile

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow..!

What I do..

9 02 2009

I’m a student at Newcastle University with a passion in photography.

I’m a full-time student, who offers freelance photography services, from conferences to weddings. I’m able to offer amazing prices, partly as I enjoy every job I take on, and am really trying to cover expenses, and I have minimal overheads. (One of the advantages of having an online profile).

I have a lot of experince to draw upon, and have had many satisfied clients.

If you would like to use my servies, please contact me.